Crysis Remastered

... looks better than C2 or C3. Been saying it for years. 720p jungle is better than 1440p concrete and rust.
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Crysis Remastered

Post by nomad » 20 Apr 2020 07:55

Crysis gets a remaster for the Switch.

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All the kids are hyped about the graphics and rightly so - its the only thing to be looking forward to. The polished Ferrari that Vlad4D is going to deliver.
The big question is: will the story/plot department (the dudes that put the lawnmower game motor in the engine rendering Ferrari..) fix some of the shortcomings they implemented back in 2007?

just kidding - they won't
update: the remaster is out and its a remaster of the console version - it looks great and has all the shortcomings of the original game but with improved graphics.
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Re: Crysis Remastered

Post by nietzsche » 20 Apr 2020 08:36

which is a good thing since reloaded is going to be so much more amazing when you can compare it against the remaster.
...for a dude who died in a comic inbetween episodes ... you brag like a Montenegrin. (still unvorgivable what they did to you of course.)

I just listened to the and they mentioned the AI being sub par in Crysis - I don't agree but I might be the only one?

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Re: Crysis Remastered

Post by jack » 20 Apr 2020 10:38

The AI is fine - someone just has to finally build a level for it and kudos to roadie for doing just that.

Crysis 1 was the game loved by PC fans and hated by everyone with just one PC Fan

Crysis Warhead was the game no one knew

Crysis 2 was the game hated by the fans of the original and underappreciated by the new

Crysis 3 was the game that took the only path it could and died trying as it always would

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