Set Lights on a Timer

Plug this into that over there...
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Set Lights on a Timer

Post by jack » 09 May 2019 19:14

How to: Set lights on a timer *Solved*

This is one of the biggest problems i've been having so far. I've
tinkered with the flow graph pretty much, all day, and i have no idea
where to start.
Is there a way to set it so that lights (such as street lights) come on
at a certain time of day?
And also one other small problem, How could i have it so that the lamps
actually glow just to show where the source is coming from)
(this is a photoshop edit, just to give you an example of what I mean.
EDIT: Image link fixed.

Yesterday, 03:14

first, did you use the archetype entity streetlights? I think they glow
during the night...
or you can do it like this
you need to use a Time:Timeofdaytrigger
Now it gets a bit complicated...
You need to change a parameter on the submaterial of the lightbulb/glow
you can do that with Entity:MaterialParam
Now you have to figure out which material id and what parameter to set
I can't help you with that...
open up harbour.cry, and look at the watchtowers near the coast, they
have searchlights with a similar flowgraph, that use material param
when the lights are turned on/off...

Yesterday, 04:22

Thank you very much Radiantor Happy That helped alot, now all i do is
have to find that material for the light bulb
Thx again! ^_^
EDIT: Just as a note to anyone whos unsure of how to get the
"TimeofDayTrigger" node, here's what you do:
1.When in the flow graph window, go to View<Components<... Make sure
the "Work in Progress" selection is checked.
2.right-click on an empty part of the graph (assuming you are creating
a Flowgraph)
3.go to Add Node<Time... now the "TimeofDayTrigger" node should be here

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