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Crysis meets FarCry - real maximum game
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reloaded videos

Post by nietzsche » 29 Apr 2019 19:42

Here are the videos the reloaded dude made for posterity. Obviously he has the problem that the level is not done and the gameplay is crysis - so what is there to show and get people interested?
He started off with this timeless jewel that blends in reddit comments on the game crysis with a slowly clearing Krieger Corp image in the back and the nanosuit 'circles'. I really like this one - captures the spirit of the mod. Kudos:

the next thing he came up with was a flythrough 'drone footage' through the level and you can see the genius attempt to alternate between sandbox view with all the helper lines and object icons and the view as it would be in game - a nice piece of FarCry theme and voila - sparse but the promise of coming epicness is already there.

Next he tried his hand at talking in the video about what he is doing ... not bad but a long way to go of course:

Inbetween he recorded a tidbit about the physics in the game - priceless, chasing a tyre and nudging it onwards.

And then the famous obnoxious trailer:
now keep in mind this dude is a total noob with trackview and basically learning as he goes along. I think there is potential and we might get some nice cool guerilla marketing vids beginning of 2020 when this thing is really going to take off.

oh, almost forgot - his world class village victory lap on delta settings in the crysis level rescue - a nice jog through the countryside.
notice how the music cant keep up when the Koreans get frantic ...

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