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Hello and welcome to - dead link

Starting now this page will be your modding portal for the current and all upcoming CryTek games. We will feature fan made material as well as official new CryTek maps, mods and more. To really get this page going we need your help and enthusiasm. As you can see we feature various forums for you guys to exchange ideas, helpful hints or request help from other community members.

Also the download section will grow bit by bit. Have a look there everytime you visit us here, there might be a new map or even a complete new mod for you to experience. Also here is your chance to have your idea featured on this page. Soon you will be able to submit your maps and mods and we from CryTek will have a look at it and may even feature it on this side along with an interview.


So once again: Welcome here and enjoy your stay. Sebastian Spatzek Crytek Community Manager
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03.08.04, 11:55 Bilingual Forums available

Seeing as our Community is getting bigger and bigger we've decided to put a german forum on the page, because of the many german modders here. This forum should not separate the german guys from the rest of the world, you still are welcome to post your ideas, news and comments also in the english forum (of course in english) ;)

Have fun with it and keep on modding!

Wie man unschwer sehen kann wird unsere Community immer größer und größer. Da viele der Modder noch aus Deutschland kommen, haben wir uns dazu entschlossen ein deutsches Forum zu eröffnen. Das soll euch jetzt nicht vom Rest der Modder auf der Welt absondern, denn ihr könnt immernoch eure Ideen, Neuigkeiten und Kommentare auch ins englische Forum posten (natürlich in Englisch) ;)

Viel Spaß damit und arbeitet weiterhin schön fleissig an euren Mods!

Alexander Marschal Crytek Community Manager

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