ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?

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ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?

Post by nietzsche » 22 May 2019 10:54

I always thought ed209 it is but yesterday I was reminded of those huge AT-ST walkers from StarWars - in a downsized version, fully automated so no entry or windows they seem to me more ... agile. So I made a little sketch and what do you think about the size of it?
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Re: ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?

Post by jack » 22 May 2019 11:05

really like this - badass - always thought the ed209 is too massive and the walkcycle kind of clumsy. This one could actually be a guardian in Kriegers Jurassic Trigen Park ...

and the size is good - will it be able to walk through water?

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Re: ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?

Post by roadiereloaded » 22 May 2019 12:25

yeah - they can do water - like rivers ...
I will make a model in blender - adjust the legs a little, swap the hoofs for ed209 claws and then see what kind of turret it should have and where to store the tracker drones.
This could be Krieger tech ... we need a thread about the story and lore and how all of this will come together. Jack should open one - its legacy work.
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