Dark and Gritty

Crysis meets FarCry - real maximum game
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Dark and Gritty

Post by jack » 17 Apr 2019 12:50

I saw this today again and I think that it points in the right direction for the TOD and graphic settings for this project:

this video is on youtube - search for maximum immersive mod crysis or something like that.

obviously its over the top - aka "I lost my glasses" mod and stormy sea headbobbing - but ... that can be fixed.
amazing that its 10 years old ...
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Re: Dark and Gritty

Post by nietzsche » 17 Apr 2019 13:06

I second that - but the Trigens have to be real scary and the headbobbing has to go. Why did they put that in there? I hope this reloaded dude knows when to stop - people always do too much and ruin everything - my2c

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