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Re: FarCry reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Posted: 28 Nov 2019 20:51
by nietzsche
so here is the very first try of changing a decal for reloaded.
area3.png (513.32 KiB) Viewed 729 times
the way we want to do this is take the dds files from crysis and alter them like in this case above. That is a 'sprite' decal that has the NK Star, numbers 0-9 and 3 lines of text in Korean and is used in a variety of places (change one - alter many ...). We opened it with DXTBmp saved it as a bmp and worked on it in photoshop and then convert back to dds (dxt5 with alpha) and here is the result - the alpha is not done properly yet - have to get the hang of it of course.
But, this is another milestone - we can simply redesign the dds files and all traces of US and NK equipment are switched to Krieger Corp Gear. Also all the signs (Mining company etc). Too easy.
Furthermore once we get good at this we will adapt the skins - examples: Mercenaries (a little color, tattoos and so on) or grunge aging the autoturrets a bit. Future is looking bright.

Re: FarCry reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Posted: 19 Dec 2019 21:26
by jack
Time to state where we are and how the project is doing.
January 1 marks the actual beginning of the level building (with quite a bit already in place).
update-banner-2020-january.png (912.3 KiB) Viewed 691 times ... 01-january

then comes february - so this means the final update will be 1.2 in December? ... ... -february1
update-banner-2020-february.png (1.25 MiB) Viewed 690 times
overview.png (3.83 MiB) Viewed 689 times

Re: FarCry reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 14:27
by nietzsche
I saw roadie yesterday at the usual place and the latest milestone is Helicopter landing. It now works flawlessly. He is very happy about that. Also the patrols now are getting stable, so he is starting to adjust them, move things out of the way and plan for extending them and make them look natural.
thelanderdude.png (4.11 MiB) Viewed 680 times

oh, almost forgot - he is now constantly gardening in the level while the patrols run for QA ...
(and he uninstalled Discord and then forgot his password ... great.)

Re: FarCry reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 14:47
by jack
I think making the river shallow is genius - a whole new level inside the level. It seems that the dudes do not have avoidance detection against boats though... have to see if that could result in fatalities. Anyways, being able to take the river route on foot is a nice additon.

Re: FarCry reloaded - level building log [WIP]

Posted: 11 Mar 2020 21:03
by nietzsche
the 3rd update is out and there are now 87 watchers, which is nice.
we have totally cut down on discord - left all servers except for Copnikers and that is a quiet place really.

saw a video on youtube about storytelling via the level design and static objects - good input and inspiration - have to take that into account and spend some time on building the parts/moods of the single level...

just to go through this:
beach at night - through the bunker out into the old first huts is something like an area - that mood can intensify along the old camp remnants up to the submarine/carrier wreck - camp on pier. Now - that would still be night time and the piratebay - crossing over - container yard ... should be a break / pause maybe. Time to hang there too and find out stuff.

The approach to treehut - treehut itself and the finall path towards outpost - this could already be early morning and the entry into the waterfall canyon is a new chapter, same as in FarCry where the level break is after Jack fires up the communication satellite. So this 'could' be foggy dawning mountain top ambience. Then the infiltrating of outpost - gearing up and recon....

Enter Jurassic Park, Kong Island whathaveyou - the descent from the waterfall - glider or on foot via the suspension bridges or the winding path - this is tomb raider 'enter the secret valley stuff' - and we have either the branch down the 'wadeable' river - (immersion tod, fog, vicious jungle) or across outlook down the hill into the deep forest before the big shanty town camp area...
islandnighttime.png (991.23 KiB) Viewed 638 times
this is now daytime from latest sometime after outpost. it could dawn while the player is still in the pirate bay... anyways...
the whole day could be spent around shanty town and finding a way up to HQ merc camp and then the mine entrance to the cavern.
Or from the river or even piratebay up to the last bridge and enter the zombie tunnel - either way the harbor is left out....

I think I should spend some time thinking about a nice way to offer the player a route (not mandatory) so that all locations are visited and the epicness unfolds the way it should (which is precisely what I accuse Crytek of all the time ...) - but, hey, its my mod! :)

I can offer that and the player can still do what they want - no biggie.

so can we make a statement?

night - beach - arrival
dawn - mountain - recon
day - jungle - pathfinder

and then the entry into the main lab...