reloaded - huge map sandbox confirmed

Crysis meets FarCry - real maximum game
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reloaded - huge map sandbox confirmed

Post by nietzsche » 03 Jul 2019 12:59

its official - roadie is going with a 4096 terrain map (2048x2048x2 meters per unit) - (the balls!!!...) this will rewrite mod history for sure.

Now, looking at the fly-through I am thinking that the 2 games should have different gameplay - Jacks story has to be in sequence I think. Start in Training head for the Carrier, learn about Fort and then make your way to the pier. But there won't be a Doyle to pick him up ... so we would need to send him over to Control. There he learns about the Archives and deals with Rebellion getting there. Since Valerie is dead he then needs a little incentive to hunt down Krieger - if there is that fight - I don't think Krieger as the popcorn muscled mutant was a good Idea in the first place. Much more meat in a story where he is eaten by his own creation, but thats for comrade roadie to decide (after convening with us of course).

So the end could be open - Jack dies in a last stand but we don't get to see that - (nomad will chance upon the skeleton with the red shirt...), or totally open - we just leave Jack at a key point. .... OR, Jack finishes the thing and comes back years later with a nano suit - nah, no good ... I say we bury him on that island and be done with it. Krieger should die too of course and the remnants of Krieger Corp (Rothschild etc) will initiate the link level Training, while the Nomad big level game could have its own kickstart incident - I actually know what and how but not telling :)

... I forgot to write about the other gameplay - the nomad one. So that would be the real Sandbox Game - unparalleled, the holy Grail - for the first time.... I can see the interviews and watershed events for the gaming industry when it hits home that one man and his Athlon64 put them all to shame. Big day.
Anyways - yes - the whole Archipelago turned into the Stalker like zone without radiation and funny spots. ...

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Re: reloaded - huge map sandbox confirmed

Post by roadiereloaded » 07 Aug 2019 10:36

Good point, I am actually working on the nomad version now and I have started to alter the locations substantially. We are getting the same heightmaps as in FarCry and most of the Terrain stays unchanged but there have to be alterations. I found that I can take complete locations from the Crysis / Crysis Wars levels and import them which just saves so much time and makes sense anyway because why would I go and build a merc camp from scratch when the one from the Mine level is perfect? It started with the Fortress in the Fort level. I took the Outpost MP IA map level Outpost and dragged all of that into the reloaded map. It turns out I can just plonk the Voxels too and keep the cave if I keep the rotation and register the same material used for painting the walls inside. That way I don't have to rebuild the Fortress and the outpost is a complete mini level with nice areas and gameplay all set up.

Let's step back and think about the whole project - we have the archipelago and the background story of a mad scientist creating the Trigen zombies in his quest for the nano skin funded by the CIA and guarded by Mercs. Jack Carver happens, the Trigens break out, Labs get locked down and scientists are ripped apart trapped with their own creations in these AI governed tombs. Valerie dies, Jack dies, Krieger dies and Doyle never existed.

Let's take the Koreans out completely. 2 Factions, Trigens and Mercs and the Mercs, on retreat, leave the fighting drones in place to guard the 'Zone' and hunt down any remaining Trigens. Let's forget about 'recreating' the Jack FarCry missions for the moment too. The research or what was salvaged of it is continued elsewhere and the NanoSuit is the result. The Islands are cordoned off by water mines and defence drones out at sea with the mobile drones roaming the islands maintained by remnants of the Merc force.

Years pass and Legends turn into myths.

islands.jpg (767.21 KiB) Viewed 488 times

So FarCry reloaded is the Nano Suit meeting its 'Father' the Trigen. The trigen project Krieger initiated grew Nano Skin on dead bodies and achieved the 3 states of Armor, Strength and Speed. Cloak was added much later in the final Nano Suit when the horrific practice of creating zombies to 'grow' the skin could be abandoned through scientific progress and the whole project was moved and rebranded in the States.

Let's say the Mercs and their drones can only hold a balance of power on the islands - contain the threat but not eliminate it and therefore are not able to go deep into the abandoned labs. The remnants of the Krieger Corporation however are interested in some artifact or whatever deep inside one of the core labs without knowing the exact location.

So the raptor team is dispatched to end the trigen menace and some top notch mercs are dispatched to find the artifact thingy. And this happens at the same time.

Krieger Corp and the CIA are basically on the same side and Pentagon sends Raptor unaware of their plans. But they are aware of raptor and that brings about the opening sequence of the game leaving the player stranded on the island and not even knowing what the mission is...

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Re: reloaded - huge map sandbox confirmed

Post by jack » 15 Nov 2019 21:22

It turns out that the huge sandbox level lost 40 percent - still huge but now manageable. So heightmap wise its training Fort and Pier. this is 2 islands where training is the intro and Fort leads up and deeper into the game with Pier on the other side - level end in the original FarCry.

Now in reloaded, this island is going to host quite a few locations. Lets go through them.

We have the Harbor from the Assault Level in Crysis.
Thats a big location - the cruiser is ripped out and the railway stuff has to go but containers are fine - Kriegers little harbor - this is where the good rolled in.

Then there is the Outpost multiplayer map location - that cave with attached helipad is going to replace the old Fort Ruin. A good Upgrade. We stole the singleplayer mod version because it had the AI nav system already in and some great Characters which we can turn into first class mercenaries. We still have to switch stuff since the multiplayer level avoids physicalized stuff and reloaded want as much as possible to blow up and apart properly.
outpost-1.jpg (294.91 KiB) Viewed 433 times
The Treehouse Multiplayer map is what we will place at the bottom of the Stairs up to the fort outpost. - Same issue - needs more physics - but great location. the gate before the gate before the valley waterfall entering Jurassic Park / Kong Island or the Trigen Zone whichever.
treehouse.jpg (88.3 KiB) Viewed 437 times
Of course there is the cavern from the mine level where Nomad enters the alien ship in crysis - in reloaded the player enters the Trigen Stronghold - the biggest of the Krieger labs - a Zombie Dungeon level that has the natural caves plus the new underground facilities in one big area.
And this area can be accessed through a hole in the roof (hard to find), the mine entrance with the access ripped off which makes it an opening in a stone wall (hard to access) and the best the tunnel that was accessed via the bridge that has the last link severed now - all of this to lock the trigen in. The tunnel is long, dark and full of terrors of course.

then we have the jungle camp - this is merctown sprawling across the valley after the waterfalls (behind outpost) and the river going right through it. over growing, some huts and posts inhabited but most desolate and in decay.

there is going to be the carrier but more as a landmark than a full level inside the level. parts of it should be accessible but the inside ... I don't know. Although - if I can get the full model with all trimmings imported from the sandbox 1 then why not? just assign new textures maybe, some crates and gear and have it overgrown and maybe some more rocks ... might work.

there is also the bunker that jack woke up in - now, since this is at the beginning of the level - how much detail and gameplay should it have? exactly - more like a historic landmark too then. I really have to see about the model import feasability from FarCry - that will determine this. then there is the first merc huts, the binoc hut and across the small inlet the first real merc camp - in ruins. The waterfall - some paths around the mountain in lab zero in underneath it all - locked up by AI.

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Re: reloaded - huge map sandbox confirmed

Post by nietzsche » 19 Nov 2019 21:16

Soooo, it is going to be the last level first - Nano suit - years later - the hunt for something that is in Lab Zero.
what I love is this new thing with the auto turrets from the multiplayer maps - never knew about them. If they are species 1 and player and trigens are species 2 (team black) plus they do not spot cloaked - that makes for some nice gameplay escaping trigens by luring them, going cloaked around the corner into hiding and then have the turrets fire and other scenarios....
turret-gun-position.jpg (523.08 KiB) Viewed 420 times
and of course setting up zones where the turrets keep guard - night time, the sound of the scanner/rotation maybe some beeps .. very cool.
and these are so great for the labs - no need to model and reinvent the wheel - they might even work with some legs ... hehe.

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