How not to tell a good story

... looks better than C2 or C3. Been saying it for years. 720p jungle is better than 1440p concrete and rust.
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How not to tell a good story

Post by nomad » 26 Sep 2020 02:59

Why does Crysis have such bad storytelling when the background setting is great?

The idea of an alien ship, buried in a mountain on a remote tropical island for millions of years is good. That is a good start. And the archeologists finding something and alerting the Koreans who take over their dig and holding them hostage which in turn triggers the sending of Raptor team is good too. That is all nice.

Now lets sit down, have an espresso and look at what they did to this triple AAA Background setting.
First, the dudes parachute in fine weather, land all over the place, one gets tangled in a tree and the Player gets hit by an alien scout - road accident in midair. - Why is the scout flying around? Is he scouting the island?

you catch a glimpse of him in that trackview scene. And then, at the end of this first level a bigger Scout smashes through the icy ship of the archeological team to grab Jester, carry him a couple of meters just to drop him into a ravine where he breaks his neck - the Scout flies onwards. OK ...

to be continued

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