Tutorials we want to see

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Tutorials we want to see

Post by jack » 21 Apr 2019 15:47


RE: Sandbox2 Editor Tutorials - Your Feedback Needed!

Too many studios provide tools (thanks for that) without documentation, or
docs that are spotty at best and never updated. So shouts out to Crytek for
actually going the extra mile on this. I would very much like to see: -A
breakdown of all the shader types, how they work, and some examples of
them. I had to make something of a Top 10 list for myself with CE1 when it
came to shader names and types. -Demonstration of a modeling pipeline for
each exporter provided. A simple cube would work just great for this, since
theres no need for a "how to model a car" in the docs. Knowing what kind of
texture/material settings to use on the object will help. Explaining the
exporter settings for each package and any differences between them will
help much. For instance, I use Maya, but Crytek is Max focused, so if
something works differently (or not at all) in Maya, knowing that ahead of
time will help. -Along the lines of the above, but applied to
skinning/weighting of characters as well as the exporting of their animation
sequences. -Calling up those sequences as applied to an AI. -Tips and
tricks on how to optimize levels and maintain performance. Its a rough time
to have built a level only to discover that I was using some poor method
that is killing my frame rate. -Proper construction of animated objects and
how to implement these in the engine. Along these lines, some information on
how to make and control "movers". These would be objects that follow a path
but have no AI assigned to them- they just need to loop and move about a
preset path. -Please host the documents somewhere on crymod.com's server
where we can find them and any updates to them. I was late to the game when
it came to CryEngine 1 modding and was always running into dead links for
documents and tutorials. -Staging and executing a cut scene as well as
capturing it to video. I know there was a broken AVI exporter in CE1,
hopefully there will be something that works in CE2 besides having to resort
to Fraps. Thank you! -n


i like this thread, so heres what i'd like to see -VehiclesEditor
Documentation -- 1st. How to export an Animated Model (modeling) -- 2nd. How
to create your Vehicle Script >_> -- 3rd. How to add Helpers Seats Parts and
Effects -- 4th. How to make it physicalized and How to make it move and
movable/drivable and destructable -Material Editor -- How to create new
Libaries ô_Ô -DataBaseView -- Entity/Prefabs How to, -- Music how to place
sounds (spots/area sounds, ect.) -- Sounds how to use Reverb Effects --
Music how to setup the Soundmoods -Game Tokens -- wft??? -Solid Tool
(please work on this polysplitting) -- How to place and deform a solid --
How to cut a Solid -- How to boolean (substruct A-B or B-A, ect) -- How to
add UVW ccordinates and Textures -- How to export into Max - import in Max
(settings >_>) -- How to export from Max to Cry (modeling) -Character Editor
-- How to use (combine parts to character, add parts, modify .mtl, ect) --
How to make new materials for characters (without texteditor ;-}) -- How to
save cdf >_- -FlowGaph -- How start ;-} -- How to add entities to fg --
Description of Nodes, functions, usage and possible combinations >_> -- How
to make a cutscene (missin the TrackView) -Facial Editor -- How to MoCap a
Face >_> -- How to use this editor -Modeling -- How to setup destructable
objects (brickwall and villagehut for example) -- How to export animated
objects -- How to import to cry (.pak) and/or How to make a mod (basics)
thats it for the moment more will follow cheers and if I
don't post in 30minutes, ....call the cops!!

-Scaleform/Flash -How to use Flash with Scaleform, documentation about it
-and tutorial what decribes the basics -How to Implement a Basic Hud with
-Flash and Lua Tutorial -Menu Actionscript -Input Output from Flash (and
-gfx) by using Lua or C++

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