MOD setup

... so, where does tex21c.pak go?
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MOD setup

Post by nomad » 20 Apr 2019 09:46

Here is the post from Clivey back on the old forums:
Launching a Mod
When launching a mod, make sure the -DEVMODE -MOD is used after the excutable name (e.g. "..\Crysis.exe" -DEVMODE -MOD Mymod or "..\Editor.exe" -DEVMODE -MOD Mymod). The -MOD is not case sensitive, so does not matter whether its upper or lower case.

Mod Folder Structure
When setting up a Mod, the folder structure must be as follows:



Levels Placement
Currently all Mod Levels must be placed in Crysis\Game\Levels NOT Crysis\Mods\MyMod\Game\Levels. This will get fixed in a patch.

Tip for new Modders
If you want to edit for example, the script file in the GameData.pak\Scripts\Entities\Physics\Explosion.lua your modified script position in the mod would be ..\Crysis\mods\MYMOD\Game\Scripts\Entities\Physics\Explosion.lua
Note: Notice the loss of the word Gamedata in the mod path.

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