Ending a map - fade to black ...

... no idea, we could switch the camera just before he runs into the palm tree ...
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Ending a map - fade to black ...

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RE: Ending a map

Ah right, ok, thanks for that. That seems simple enough but I should
explain the scenario a little more, (without giving anything away,
Player kills the alien > the alien's death triggers a countdown 40 to 0
to blow up ship within 40 seconds > player has to find portal before
ship blows up > player finds portal and is teleported back to another
position > player turns around and sees entity
It's that last one where I want to either fade to an image or screen of
some sort (if even possible), or maybe freeze the screen and then have
"To Be Continued..."
Any idea's?
Use the CrysisFX:Screenfader node. You can either fade to a color or to
a texture. This is what we used in the Crysis singleplayer demo to fade
to black just after the frozen boat cinematic.

RE: Ending a map

Thanks Sandhesten, I'd already figured it out from one of McGinge's
posts where he mentioned it.
Yes, it works perfectly for my ending scene.
A couple more queries if I may?
In the attached image I've used your* recently posted Flow Graph for
the countdown timer, but how can I get the last '0' to disappear? It's
kind of in the way of my scene, (as small as the countdown timer and
zero is).
Also, can you spot anything wrong with my Flow Graph at all? Even
though everything works, I feel with this one that something isn't
quite working right - somewhere.
*Edit: Oh, and Codename22's FG too...
To stop the countdown just connect the True output port on the
Math:Equal node to on of the input ports on the Logic:Any node. You
should also lower the Time on the HUD:ShowHUDMessage node. Try 0.5.

RE: Ending a map

Thank you Sandhesten for your time and answer(s), perfect. Heh, as
simple as that, eh?

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