Suit Demonstration Map - GDC 2007

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Suit Demonstration Map - GDC 2007

Post by nomad » 25 Apr 2019 07:19

The Suit demonstration map that was used to show the nano suit features back at GDC 2007
Download link: (10MB) suit-demonstration.rar

suit-demonstration-gdc-2007.png (877.42KiB)Viewed 11305 times

here is a video where Bernd Diemer gives a nanosuit walkthrough at a summit in Germany

Crytek's Original Nanosuit Demonstration Map
Normal Map from Crytek with news Time of Day Settings.

Time of Day Settings by Kolga from - dead link

Thank you for Downloading the Map with New Time of Day Settings!


Extract the .rar file in your:
X:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Mods\SDK_Mod\Game\Levels |
(!!!! Not in the Main Game Levels Folder!)

Start it, by changing your shortcut with
Right click on the Crysis/Editor short cut on the Desktop, chose
properties and enhance the target line with -devmode and -mod SDK_Mod.
So in the end it looks like
"...\Crysis\BinXX\Crysis.exe" -devmode -mod SDK_Mod
or "...\Crysis\BinXX\Editor.exe" -devmode -mod SDK_Mod

now type ingame

con_restricted 0
* press enter *

And then type
Map suit_demonstration

!!!!This Map runs only with the Installed SDK v.1.0!!!!!

Special Thanks to ---___db___--- from,

And a Very Big Thanks to warpspeed and my Team of

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