reloaded AI

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reloaded AI

Post by nietzsche » 15 Jun 2019 08:44

This thread is for the all things reloaded AI. My number one issue is not with the AI (which I think is fine) but with the setup that is oriented towards action bubbles.
Example: so you have 2 AI talking, then one walks away looks somewhere else and comes back, talks to the second dude and walks away again.
Now if you shoot the dude standing while the other is away looking somewhere else (silencer) when he comes back he stands and talks in front of the his slain comrade as if he was still standing there.

How could that be fixed? it is one of the main problems imo. The non awareness of what is happening to fellow mercs. I thought of maybe having a modifier attached to the dudes and when one drops the modifiere is activated and when the other dude comes back (or any dude) the modifier says "something happened here - be alert and look around" - something like that. ...

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Re: reloaded AI

Post by roadiereloaded » 20 Aug 2019 11:15

Setting up the patrols I think the biggest problem is that they fold when one dude dies.
Someone came up with the idea to NOT do a logic all when they enter a vehicle to go somewhere to be dropped off but rather a timer that says - let's go, not waiting for any more stragglers. That would work - BUT, how do they patrol, forget about formations? ... tricky.

What Nietzsche mentioned is even bigger - If I make them all one group they will end up all surrounding the player and clamouring for the honour to finish him off....
This needs something genius. ...
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