AI - keep firing while moving on path

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AI - keep firing while moving on path

Post by Sandhesten » 09 May 2019 19:20

AI help needed

How can I make AI follow a path or goto a tagpoint AND fireing at the player
but doesn´t leave the path ( or th autogenerated if i use a Tagpoint )
The AI can usually only do one action at a time. However there is a way to
get an AI dude to fight while moving to a certain location. He might not
move extremely fast, but he will get there eventually. -Place a tag point
(RollUpBar --> AI button --> TagPoint) where you want the AI dude to go to.
-In your flow graph add an AI:AIExecute node and an Entity:EntityID node.
-Assign the AI dude to the AI:AIExecute node and the tag point to the
Entity:EntityID node. -Connect the Entity:EntityID node to the ObjectID
port on the AI:AIExecute node. -Select the action set_defend_pos in the
AI:AIExecute node. Trigger the action however you want. A few things to
keep in mind: What this actually does is change the AI dude's behavior to
Camper and set a specific position for him to defend. If he isn't at that
position yet he will try to get there as soon as combat starts. Remember
that this will make all members of that group do this action so keep an eye
on his and other AI dudes' groupID.

... It is really important that they have cover around them. Here is the
setup. The AI dudes start out in the first group of trees. Their defend
position is in the second group of trees. In between are rocks. Both trees
and rocks are marked as Hideable in their properties. And the flow
graph. When the group gets alerted they are told to defend this point. They
will slowly work their way from cover to cover until they reach the area
around the tag point.

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