Terragen to Sandbox tool by Mantu

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Terragen to Sandbox tool by Mantu

Post by jack » 22 Apr 2019 06:44

... will try to find this tool Mantu made...

New tool: Terragen2Sandbox

I created this very small tool which using you can easily convert
terragen terrains to format that sandbox can read (.raw and .pgm). I
was bothered that there was no easy way to convert terragen files to
format that works with sandbox. I decided to make a tool that can do
this with only one step.
You can also use it with 3dem program to easily convert almost any DEM
file (digital elevation model) to format that sandbox reads. I made a
small tutorial about how to use this tool.
I included the sourcecode in package. You need .net framework 2.0 to
run this program.
Fileformats that tool reads:
Terragen terrain file (.ter)
16-bit grayscale raw images (.raw) (Not really needed I use it for
previewing some raw files.)
Fileformats that tool writes:
16-bit portable graymaps (.pgm) (I recommend using this instead of raw
format. Because sandbox might crash if you read wrongly crafted raw
16-bit grayscale raw images (.raw) (If you want to edit your heightmap
in image-editor e.g. Photoshop you have to use raw file.)
If you want to open your .raw heightmap in photoshop use the following
raw settings:
Channels Count: 1
Depth: 16 Bits
Byte Order: IBM PC
Header Size: 0
Remember to use the same sandbox map size as your heightmap is. Sandbox
notifys you if map sizes are unequal. You can see the heightmap size in
this tool when converting .ter file.
Tell me if you find any bugs or having problems with opening some file.

Download Filename: terragen2sandbox.zip
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Thread Starter Thread Started by Mantu

To (-CAINE-):
I'm not familiar with google earth. But I think you can get coordinates
of desired location and find the DEM from
To BulleTTime:
Currently program cannot convert files back to terragen files.
To NightWolf:
Just extract the Terragen2Sandbox.exe anywhere and run it.

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