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MissionSet and Check GameToken

Posted: 09 May 2019 19:28
by Sandhesten
tokens are little bits of information that can be
accessed through flow graph while running the game.
I´ll try to give a quick overview though: Game tokens
can be created, modified and deleted in the DataBase
view. For a start you should only need the flow graph
nodes Mission:SetGameToken and Mission:CheckGameToken.
Imagine the following scenario: Your mission is to
assassinate a specific enemy. When you get back to base
there is a reward for you, but only if you have
assassinated him. If you have a created a game token
called TargetAssassinated for example you can set it to
"true" in flow graph with the Mission:SetGameToken node
when that specific AI is dead. When you are back at base
you can check the game token with the
Mission:CheckGameToken node. If the value of the
TargetAssassinated game token is "true" that means that
the target was assassinated and the reward can be
triggered (the player could be given a weapon with the
Inventory:AddItem node for example). If the value of
the game token is "false" something else could happen;
maybe your superior tells you to come back when your
mission is done.