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by jack
21 Aug 2019 09:21
Forum: Flowgraph Editor
Topic: Crysis Flowgraphs - Cortez_Patrol
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Re: Crysis Flowgraphs - Settlement

Layer: AB1
Settlement-total.png (784.31 KiB) Viewed 77 times
by jack
23 May 2019 13:05
Forum: FarCry reloaded
Topic: FarCry - what really happened
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Re: FarCry - what really happened

People are going to be bored I think...
Some people are going to be but so what? More will be frustrated because of the difficulty imho...

And you cannot decide before it’s tried - when all is in there is time to fix any boredom issues if need be
by jack
22 May 2019 12:37
Forum: FarCry reloaded
Topic: FarCry - what really happened
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FarCry - what really happened

Ok - this thread is for discussing all the aspects and pro and cons and ideas and somewhere else we will put up the skeleton lore and dress the timeline. Should we have a first things first attitude or is it free for all and just dump your opinions, ideas whatever? Maybe a good idea to sprinkle some...
by jack
22 May 2019 11:05
Forum: FarCry reloaded
Topic: ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?
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Re: ED209 or AT-ST? which one kicks ass?

really like this - badass - always thought the ed209 is too massive and the walkcycle kind of clumsy. This one could actually be a guardian in Kriegers Jurassic Trigen Park ...

and the size is good - will it be able to walk through water?
by jack
09 May 2019 19:14
Forum: Flowgraph Editor
Topic: Set Lights on a Timer
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Set Lights on a Timer

Morisato How to: Set lights on a timer *Solved* This is one of the biggest problems i've been having so far. I've tinkered with the flow graph pretty much, all day, and i have no idea where to start. Is there a way to set it so that lights (such as street lights) come on at a certain time of day? A...
by jack
05 May 2019 07:30
Forum: sandbox2 cheat sheet
Topic: Screenshots ingame
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Screenshots ingame

XigmatekHighRes12000x7200C.jpg avatar-9622.jpg xigmatek e_screenshot_width = 12000 e_screenshot_height = 7200 e_screenshot_file_format tga e_screenshot 1 in the console. Takes a shot. avatar-11008.png Cry-Puppy thats odd. does saving an e_screenshot 1 as a tga keep the sunshafts. if so I think i mi...
by jack
23 Apr 2019 06:56
Forum: announcements
Topic: history
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category_crymod.jpg launches 30.07.2004 Hello and welcome to - dead link Starting now this page will be your modding portal for the current and all upcoming CryTek games. We will feature fan made material as well as official new CryTek maps, mods and more. To really get t...
by jack
22 Apr 2019 08:58
Forum: Singleplayer
Topic: FarCry Maps Madman and Ai2 by Sandhesten
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Re: FarCry Map Madman by Sandhesten

some praise: *Cry-Alex* __________________________________________________________________ Hey Sandhesten! I moved the thread to the mapping forum where it belongs to Wink I'll have a look into that map as soon as I got a bit time left, but I'm sure it is at least as good as your first one! -alex Sa...
by jack
22 Apr 2019 07:23
Forum: Other 3rd Party Programs
Topic: Crazy Bump workflow
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Crazy Bump workflow

all crazy bumps go here

crazybump.png (47.78 KiB) Viewed 127 times
by jack
22 Apr 2019 07:18
Forum: 3DS Max Help
Topic: maximum max
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maximum max

3DS MAX 2008 works great since we have the crytools for that version (2009 is also fine I think)

All Max stuff goes here

3dsmax.png (180.38 KiB) Viewed 119 times